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Dellmarie Pittman – Realtor
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A Few Fix-Ups —


Detail your House – Clean the entire home thoroughly! Shampoo carpets, clean windows, light fixtures and dust everything….

Clean out the clutter— from closets, cabinets, shelves

Neutralize your home — remove family photos, and minimize the number of pictures hanging on walls. Patch nail and screw holes.

Make your kitchen SHINE! Remove small appliances and clutter from counter tops (store them in a cabinet) Keep your sink clean and clear of dirty dishes.

Clean your oven

Clean your refrigerator… including unnecessary “artwork” from the door

Keep bathrooms scrubbed and tidy

Keep scented candles burning in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Fill your home with light! Use higher wattage bulbs in dark areas or corners. Have lights on during every showing. Make sure all draperies, blinds, and curtains are open for showings.



Clean up around the exterior — remove debris, leaves, etc

Trim shrubbery

Keep garden beds weeded and mulched

Keep walkways and driveway clean

Clean out gutters

Remove clutter from garage and organize as much as possible

Repair broken windows, screens, or awnings

Maintain the yard throughout listing!



1.   Selling your home on your own

Numbers do not lie …homes without representation sell at a lower price and stay on the market longer than those represented by a professional.

2.   Mispricing your home

Who is your competition? How does your home compare to homes recently sold? Overpricing or underpricing can cost you time and money.

3.   Neglecting Repairs

I recommend a pre-listing home inspection! This investment will save you time and money.

4.   Do the prep work

You may want to “test the water” and “see if it will sell” without making minor repairs or painting. But without some prep work your home may languish in “stagnant water.”

5.   Choosing the wrong Realtor

Take the time to pick a Realtor with an excellent reputation, knowledge of the community and your local market. Your payoff will be greater with the right Realtor working for you!

Dellmarie Pittman – Realtor
(910) 527-6111